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Both David and Peter have extensive experience in designing (see below) and delivering (see below) training programmes.

We have a straightforward approach to training and development. It is what works that counts, so we are very receptive to new ideas from practitioners.

We want to make training enjoyable because people learn better that way. We see our role as enthusing participants to the extent that they return to their workplaces and do something measurably better as a result of our training. Ideally, training should be a continuous process – not one that ceases when a course ends.

Training courses designed and delivered

  • Managing your Parts Manager (for dealer principals)
  • Parts stock management (international programme)
  • Introduction to business management in aftersales
  • Improving customer loyalty in aftersales
  • Selling to high potential customers
  • Effective letter writing
  • Using marketing skills (for line managers in a large dealer group)
  • Export sales managers' development (for a major company)
  • Customer service and upselling
  • Several technical courses
  • Parts business management
  • Managing a Parts department

Training courses delivered

  • Parts marketing
  • Managing Service
  • Aftersales marketing
  • Managing a satellite operation
  • Financial skills for dealer first line management
  • Managing suppliers for first line dealer management
  • Dealer process improvement (an international programme)
  • Developing an aftersales team
  • Parts selling skills