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Benchmarking is the procedure of comparing business processes and performance metrics to industry bests or the best practices from other industries and companies in order to improve your business. The varying dimensions that are usually measured include quality, time and cost. Developments from learning mean doing things better, faster, and cheaper in your company. Benchmarking can be functional to any business process or function and a variety of research techniques may be necessary. Research could include informal conversations with customers, employees, or suppliers; using focus groups; or in-depth marketing research, quantitative research, surveys, questionnaires, re-engineering analysis, process mapping, quality control variance reports, or financial ratio analysis. Before embarking on contrast with other organizations it is essential that you know your own organization's function, processes; base-lining performance provides a point against which upgrading effort can be measured. The initiating firm focuses on its observation and examination of business processes with a goal of identifying and observing the best practices from one or more benchmark firms. Activity analysis will be necessary where the objective is to benchmark cost and efficiency; gradually more applied to back-office processes where outsourcing may be a consideration.

Aftermarket Solutions Ltd was established in 1999; therefore we have a lot of experience in benchmarking, stock management, financial benchmarking and business benchmarking. Our company specialises in automotive aftermarket, we are based in Warwickshire, and so we are easily accessible and have great public transport links to get to us. We are particularly interested in sales and profit development, strategic planning, the effective use of working capital, benchmarking and staff development. After sales should always be profitable and this is what we aim for. The real challenge is to make the right return on investment: lowest costs, smallest investment, biggest profit and still offer excellent customer service.

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