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Our skills have been honed in the automotive industry. However, with our emphasis on Parts, we believe that these skills are easily transferrable to other industries. If you use part numbers (or SKUs) then we can help you to develop a better business.

Stock can be viewed in two ways. Is it working capital or idle capital? The aim, of course, is to provide excellent customer service in order to generate profits. The skill, though, is to do this with minimum capital. Not only will this save cash, it will also reduce space and equipment costs plus minimise the risk of obsolescence.

Profit generation is not only about having the right stock. It also requires having good relationships with existing customers and finding new ones. We can help here by showing you how to analyse current business and quantify the potential from existing and prospective customers.

So, please look at the rest of our site and see how our skills could benefit your business. After an exploratory meeting, we will draw up a tailored, comprehensive proposal that sets out what you can expect and what our charges will be.

Please refer to our home page for our contact details. We look forward to hearing from you.